Goodbye, Mean Girls

My girls are as different as night and day. When my oldest daughter  was three, she loved to play with dinosaurs, anything related to Toy Story and she loved the color purple.  She wore cowboy boots, rarely wore dresses and loved doing science experiments which usually involved lots of water.  At the age of three, […]

Just a Mom

I’m just a mom of four with a body that says, she’s no elite athlete.  Dark circles under my eyes, crows feet, and soft in places that will never regain their firmness.  A body stretched and expanded to great depths to hold an 8 pound baby girl who initiated me into mommy-hood, and again to […]

Inspiration: Heather

This week’s inspiration is someone I think many of us will be able to relate to as she shares that her focus is on a healthy life–which means being healthy on the inside, regardless of what the scale says—a true victory!  I love that Heather balances life with eating healthy and running, but also enjoys the occasional treat.  She […]

Hurts to Breathe

One morning I was at spin class and I heard my mind whispering: you’ll be happy when your knee is better and you can run long again.    And as my legs went round and round I found myself wishing I was running instead.  Spin is a great workout but it’s not running.  My throat […]

Mom-spiration: Pamela

This week’s mom-spiration advice for her children, Never Give Up, is something I sign all my blog posts, so I was immediately drawn to her story.  I love that running has not only benefited her health but it’s brought her new, life-long friends.  Be sure to head over to Pamela’s blog, Wife Mother Runner and […]

Mom-spiration: Yvonne

This week’s mom-spiration and I have quite a bit in common–we both grew up uncoordiated and not very athletic but somehow we fell into running.  I love that she’s inspired by her children and just happens to be a fellow ultra-runner!  My Fit Family:  Tell us a little about yourself. Yvonne: I live in Roseville, […]