A Mother’s Summer Heart

I sometimes wonder: Am I the only one who feels the odd pull summer brings to a mother’s heart? I have the best intentions of enjoying summers with my children to the fullest– with vacations planned, trips to the pool, and the occasional ice cream or snow cone treat. And we have fun moments and make beautiful memories doing these […]

Mom-spiration: Laura B.

I love the advice our Mom-spiration, Laura, gives to others: start small.  She’s a mom of two and does an amazing job of modeling a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle to her kids.  She writes about her love of family, fitness, and food at Fit Mama Love. My Fit Family: Tell us a little about you […]

Balancing Work, Family, and Fitness

One of the questions that comes up frequently on our Facebook page by other moms is: How do you balance fitness, family, and work?  I’m grateful that MyFitFamily is truly becoming the place I hoped it would be–where people can share and learn from one another in our fitness journey.  My talented friend, Deb is our guest blogger […]

Review: Kast Fitness Wear

One of the biggest problems I have with wearing my favorite running shorts to the gym for anything but running is, well, they are made for running–not strength training, yoga or body pump.  I went in search of a functional workout pant/capris that I could wear to the gym and wouldn’t leave me tugging at my […]

A Little While

My baby is turning eight.  And here’s the secret I, and every mother before me, knows to be true: The days are long, but the years are short. ~Gretchen Rubin I often hear young mothers’ complaints about advice they get from seasoned moms. The eye roll over the little old lady’s advice: Cherish every moment, the time goes […]

Inspiration: Heather S.

This week’s inspirational feature is my friend Heather, who blogs at Strung Out Runner.  She also happens to be a fellow San Francisco Marathon Ambassador and I feel so lucky that our paths crossed this past year.  Heather wrote this beautiful piece for The Huffington Post and I think it’s something ALL women should read–and […]

Gluten Free Italian Wedding Soup

Two out of four of my children are currently gluten free.  I haven’t talked much about what led us to this  lifestyle change on My Fit Family because the truth is we are still figuring things out.  As soon as their pediatrician mentioned ‘possible celiac’ I knew we would, at the very least, be doing […]


There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.  Nelson Mandela When I first started telling friends that I was hoping to run my first ultra marathon this year, it was met with lots of support and encouragement.  But when […]

Little Girl

I don’t know how to start this race recap.  So I’ll begin at the end. I finished it. Isn’t this a weird place to begin a race recap?  At the end? Where I’m holding two medals–one for the 52.4 miles I ran and one for the second half of those miles.  Wearing a bib that […]