5 Tips for Mamas on the Run: Stroller Running

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I’ve been a runner for a little over 7 years–in that time our family has grown from a family of 3 to a family of  6.  I’ve pushed my twins in The Beast aka our double jogging stroller and I currently run with my 1 year old using a single jogging stroller.  Though I wasn’t […]

Love & Pain: 52.4 Miles in San Francisco


When my friend Heather’s husband passed away from lung cancer in September of 2013 I felt helpless.  I remember going out for a long run on the day I found out, running so hard my lungs burned in my chest as tears pricked my eyes–as if I ran hard enough and felt enough pain, I […]

15 Seconds


You can do anything for 15 seconds. It’s been a over a month since my double marathon and in the past month I hadn’t taken a single running step because of a promise I made to myself–to let my knee rest and to give it the time it deserved to heal.  There were a few times […]

Empty the Tank

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Well my heart is beating hardAnd I’m off with a shot at the startAnd my legs tremble from strainBut by the finish line I am drained ~Sea Wolf, Middle Distance Runner I’ve been finding myself going to spin class on a regular basis–something I didn’t have time for when I was ultra-marathon training.  I missed […]

A Mother’s Summer Heart

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I sometimes wonder: Am I the only one who feels the odd pull summer brings to a mother’s heart? I have the best intentions of enjoying summers with my children to the fullest– with vacations planned, trips to the pool, and the occasional ice cream or snow cone treat. And we have fun moments and make beautiful memories doing these […]

Balancing Work, Family, and Fitness

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One of the questions that comes up frequently on our Facebook page by other moms is: How do you balance fitness, family, and work?  I’m grateful that MyFitFamily is truly becoming the place I hoped it would be–where people can share and learn from one another in our fitness journey.  My talented friend, Deb is our guest blogger […]

A Little While


My baby is turning eight.  And here’s the secret I, and every mother before me, knows to be true: The days are long, but the years are short. ~Gretchen Rubin I often hear young mothers’ complaints about advice they get from seasoned moms. The eye roll over the little old lady’s advice: Cherish every moment, the time goes […]